Parent and Family Support Adviser

The Parent and Family Support Adviser (PFSA) is a free service for parents, carers and families.

Our PFSA covers a selection of schools in and around Crewkerne and Ilminster and visits the schools on a weekly basis.  Our PFSA can provide;

  • Support and advice on behaviour, commuicating with the school and services, talking through any concerns you may have about your child/ren.
  • Target setting; together you can set realistic and achievable targets to help make improvements and move forward.
  • Improving attendance and achievement; help your child to omprove in their education, social skills and learning.
  • Support services (or at home);  help to find other suitable services and resources in addition to the PFSA’s.

PFSAs are NOT:

  • Teachers or Social Workers.
  • Fully accredited Counsellors.
  • Marriage Guidance or Mediators.
  • Psychotherapists.

They also CANNOT provide:

  • Crisis intervention.
  • Childminding or transport services.
  • Or deal directly with contact or legal issues between parents.

Our PFSA’s are Lesley Cable and Emma Connolly, please contact through the school office on 01460 73437