Welcome to our new School Council!

Our School Council is made up of children from each class. Our older councillors help with organising and running the School Council.

We held elections at the start of the year where the previous year’s School Council shared with the classes what being on the School Council was all about. Then, if we thought we would do a good job, we put our names forward for the elections. We then gave a presentation on why we would like to be a school councillor – they were very popular! To make sure it was fair, we held votes in our classes and voted for the 2 children we thought would make the best contribution to the school council.

Our School Council:

Mole school council
Owl Class School Council representatives are - Copy


 The chosen councillors for this year are:

Butterfly Class – Henry and Freya

Mole Class – Elise and Joshua

Red Squirrel Class – Amos and Emmie

Hedgehog Class – Hazel and Jesse

Dormice Class – Emily and Ashlee

Owl Class – Noah, George and Fred

Fox Class – Gemma and Lexie

 The Role of the School Council

” I think the role of the school council is to show people around when they come to visit and to help people solve problems.”

“The role of the school council is to look after each other and to organise fundraising.” 

“We help raise money for others.”

“The school council make our school a happier and friendly place.”

Our Chosen Charities

Last year The School Council have chosen Crewkerne Wellbeing as their charity. Watch this space for this years choice. 

We will be holding fundraising events and working with the charity over the year, so keep your eyes peeled!

Our responsibilities

In our School Council meetings, which we have at least once every half term, we work very closely with Miss Wines and Mrs Lawrence to ensure that we are part of making decisions about our school. We organise and spend our own budget, choosing things that we believe would improve the school for all of us. We collect ideas from our classmates and bring these ideas to School Council meetings.

Children in Need

This falls on November 17th this year, keep watching for this years focus.

Click the link below to dontate to children in need through the donation page on their website.

Donate to BBC Children in Need