Heatree 2023


Day 2

The theme for today has definitely been: wet! It has been a constant Dartmoor ‘mizzle’ throughout the day, as all the children had a go at climbing ‘Big Doug’ – the tallest Douglas Fir Tree at Heatree and the Low Adventure Course. Everyone excelled at the tree climb, challenging themselves to go a little further with each climb and working as a team to support and encourage each other. However, the highlight of the day for everyone has definitely been the scrambling and sliding through water tunnels, slithering under bridges and swinging over bogs. Cold water and rain did not deter anyone – we are super proud of all of them.


Day 1

Everyone travelled well and we arrived in time for lunch. After lunch we enjoyed a walk out onto Dartmoor. We found stone crosses, ponies and sheep. We also tried blindfold walking, munched on wild food snacks and played a game called camouflage. 32 children all disappeared!

At tea time plates were polished clean and some people learnt how to use the gigantic dishwasher.

In the evening we had a night walk around Heatree, we turned our torches off for an extra challenge. We spotted constellations and even saw the ISS. After our walk we had hot chocolate and cake before going to bed at 10pm! Needless to say EVERYONE went straight to sleep????




Welcome to Dormice Class!

Who’s who?

Hello and welcome to Dormice Class.


Miss Alice Wines
Dormice Class Teacher

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