All children take part in one or more PE lessons a week. We have a specialist PE coach who comes in weekly and works with different classes every half term. During these sessions, the teachers join in and continue to learn how to develop the children’s movement skills. Over the last few years our specialist PE coaches have taught us Dance, Gymnastics, Games, Archery, Boccia and Athletics – just to name a few! Our PE sessions take place on our school multi-use games area and in our school hall.

Real PE

During the terms when the children are not taught by the specialist coach, the class teachers will follow the Real PE scheme of work. Real PE focuses on the development of agility, balance and coordination, healthy competition and cooperative learning.

Real PE focuses on a unique child centered approach meaning that we teach PE to engage and challenge every child and develop the key abilities children need to be successful within PE and Sport and across the curriculum.


We also believe that swimming is an important life skill, therefore all of our children, from Early Years onwards, attend swimming lessons at Crewkerne Aqua Centre during the year. They begin by gaining water confidence and then learn and develop the different swimming strokes.

Lunchtime Fitness and Fun

At lunchtimes our lovely lunchtime supervisors offer a range of equipment for children to play group games, classes take part in daily ‘wake and shake’ sessions and we are also taking part in the Daily Mile which all classes are aiming to take part in at least twice a week! We endeavour to offer a wide range of after school clubs and activities linked with movement.

Extra-Curricular Opportunities

It is our aim to provide as many additional sport and physical development based opportunities as possible, catering for all children’s needs and interests. Across the year we run lunchtime and after school clubs. We also encourage our children to participate in the many CISP and Yeovil sports competitions and matches that happen both during the school day and as after school opportunities.

How is PE extended through our values and vision?

Our school vision and values extend our toolbox for engaging our children in physical activity and competition.

The aspirations of those who are learning new skills, playing a game, or striving to break their own records.

The trust that players have in each other and in their coaching team, supporters and referees. The trust children have in their own body and ability.

The forgiveness we may see when things go wrong.

The compassion we have for players with injuries, teams who lose a match, for our friends when skills are tricky to learn.

The friendships we will make on and off the playing field, laughing and having fun with our friends.

The respect we will see for our peers, our teachers, for referees and coaches and fellow competitors.

Overall we will see a love for sport which brings people together in communities.