In Red Squirrel Class we enjoy learning and making friends. We follow the golden rules and place kindness, trust and honesty at the centre of of our class ethos.

Who’s who?


Mrs Kirsten Bryant
Red Squirrel Class Teacher

Mrs Jayne Grasby









Our Timetable:

Everyday we begin the day with a morning challenge before our register. This may be linked to maths, SPaG, Reading, Comprehension or handwriting.

We follow this with our guided reading sessions, which could be either the whole class or in small groups.  Often the focus in reading will be linked to SPaG, word reading and comprehension. We also look for new vocabulary which builds our knowledge and understanding.

Then comes Mathematics. We split maths into an oral recall starter, followed by problem solving, reasoning and fluency. We then tackle our maths topic work.

Afterwards we join the school outside for whole school playtime before our English session.

After English we have lunchtime and whole school collective worship.

Our afternoons are filled with our topic work. This could be either; PE, geography, history, music, science, PHSE, RE. However we often mix these topics in a cross curricular way, for example, learning RE alongside history or music with science.

We love to finish the day with a whole class big story book, trying to remember what was read the day before and imagining where the story will take us.


Forest School

We have forest school every other Friday, enjoying a range of activities to grow our personal development. We also complete challenges based on topic work, this could be linked to any area of the curriculum.

Just recently the class had a build swings and teamwork session. This was a reward based on their hard work in writing.



This term our topic is called ‘Environmental Hero’s’. So far we have looked at a range of recycling methods, how to look after our environment, how the world was created, ways our world is being damaged and how we can make a difference.



Year Two – Summer Term 2

Growing and Changing

Learning Intentions Skills Assessment Questions
To give positive feedback to someone. I can give support to a friend. How do they help their friends? Do they give advice when they are worried? Do they give positive feedback during group activities or sharing time?
To recognise the range of feelings associated with loss and to discuss things people can do to feel better.   I can describe feelings of loss and suggest what someone can do it a friend moves away. What experience do they have regarding this? Do they show empathy to the people in this lesson?
To identify the different stages of growth and what people are able to do at these different stages. I can describe the stages of growth I have been through and what I look forward to in my future. Can they give you an example of what they would like to improve or learn? Could they set themselves a goal?
To identify human private parts and explain that they are used to make a baby. I can name the human private parts that are used to make a baby. Do they use the correct vocabulary? Are they beginning to understand the processes of reproduction? Do they use vocabulary related to seeds and eggs.
To explain who can see someone’s private parts, what consent means and how to protect privacy. I can talk about keeping private parts private/ Do they identify trusted adults in their lives as well as those in the community? Do they have a good balance? Do they practice asking or giving consent?