Our Christian Distinctiveness

Our community is built upon core Christian Values.  These are friendship, respect, forgiveness, compassion, trust and aspiration. These are all rooted in love.  ‘Love of learning, love of life and love of one another.

We celebrate them during our daily worship and explore them in all areas of our curriculum. Most importantly, we carry them out in everything we do and they are embedded in all our policies.

The school community of children, staff, parents, governors and our church leaders worked together to choose the Christian values that are most important to them and our Collective Worship leaders support their peers with understanding how we put these into action.

FriendshipWe are kind and encourage one another and help our friends.

RespectWe show respect by thinking and acting in a positive way about ourselves and others. We think and act in way that shows others that we care about their feelings and their wellbeing.

Compassion: We look after each other and share and think about how others feel.

ForgivenessWe give people a chance to start again, it is okay to get things wrong.

Trust: We rely on each other to be honest and truthful and this inspires trust. 

Aspiration: We always try our best and think about our future goals and how we can get there!


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Collective Worship Policy